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About this Document

This document provides a streamlined, step-by-step explanation for accessing the COVID RADx® Data Hub. This document explains each component of the Data Hub and their use in viewing published studies. This document also guides you to perform various actions on the Hub UI to view study data in a more effective and efficient way.

Who Should Read This Document?

The Data Hub User Guide explains features and functionalities available for the Researchers, Data Coordinating Center (C)DCC Administrators and Data Hub Data Administrators, who can access the Data Hub User Interface for various operations.

Below are the roles and responsibilities of each end user of the Data Hub.

Researchers are the end users of the Data Hub. They can access and analyze the data in the Data Hub for research purposes.

The Data Coordinating Center (C)DCC Administrator is the intermediary data coordinator working between program awardees and Data Hub Data Administrator to facilitate data transfer from awardees to the Data Hub. The C(DCC) Administrator is responsible for collecting and harmonizing data files and reviewing study information, before submitting the materials to the Data Hub Data Administrator for review.

The Data Hub Data Administrator is the recipient of the study and data file submission from the C(DCC) Administrator. The Data Hub Data Administrator is responsible for reviewing the submitted data and performing quality checks before the information is approved and shared with the Researchers.