6. Favorite Studies

Researchers have the ability to favorite a study. Once a study is favorited, the Researcher can refer back to it later without having to search or filter for it again.

To favorite a study, perform the following steps:

Click on a study name.

Select Study For Favorites

You will navigate to the study’s Overview page. Click the “Add to favorites” button to add the study to your favorite studies list.

Add To Favorites

To remove a study from a your favorite studies list, click on “Remove from favorites”.

Remove Favorite Study

To view all your favorited studies, click on the Favorite Studies tab. On this page, you will see a list of your favorited studies. From this list, the Researcher can select any study and navigate to the study’s Overview page to view the details.

Navigate Favorite Study

6.1. Notifications for Favorited Studies and Data Files

When a Researcher’s favorited study or its associated files have been updated, the Researcher will be alerted by a UI notification. Updates include when a study’s metadata has been updated or when one of its data files has been added, deleted, or updated.

Upon logging in to the Data Hub, Researchers will see notifications of the updates to their Favorite Studies that have been made since their previous session.


Clicking on “Notifications” will open a list of changes displaying the most recent at the top.


Selecting the change description will take the Researcher to the Study Overview tab. From there they can navigate to the Data Files tab and review the updates.



The “Go to Global Change Log” button is located at the bottom of the “Notifications” list.


Clicking on it will take the user to Global Change History log where the researcher can review all the changes made to their files.


For more details on the Change History log, skip to the Change History log section of the user guide.