4. Searching for Files

Searching and filtering on the Search Files page is identical to that of the Search Studies page.

If a researcher does not have access to a data file, they will not be able to view the contents of the file. Note that data files Researchers have access to will have a check box preceding the file name. Continue through the user guide to learn how to request for access.

Unauthorized File Unauthorized File

On the Search Files page, Researchers also have the option to search for header and file names within data files by using the Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search is a more detailed method of finding information within the Data Hub. The Advanced Search options are a set of filters that narrow the scope of a search query to eliminate irrelevant information to help you find the exact content you are looking for.

To use the Advanced Search, select the link available next to the search bar.

Advanced Search

Select your search type and enter the header or file name in the search bar. Suggestions will appear as you type in a keyword. Select the “Apply Filters” button to apply the advanced search.

Advanced Search Box

Note: Users can apply multiple search conditions in the Advanced Search: search by different study metadata fields (i.e. File Name, phs, Subject etc.), search types (i.e Exact, Starts With, Contains), logical operators (i.e. and, or, not), using queries/subqueries for a more detailed search.

When using the Advanced Search, the main search will be disabled.

Advanced Search Box