1. Change History

Notable changes to a study such as status changes, metadata changes, and data file updates will be recorded in the Data Hub’s two change history logs. The first change history log captures notable changes for a specific study. The second change history is a cross-study change log that compiles change records for all the studies in the Data Hub.

1.1. Study Change History

To view change records for a specific study, select the study name from the Search Studies page.

View Studies Landing

On the Study Overview tab, select the Change History tab.

Change History

The study’s change history table will list the field names that have changed as well as their previous value, updated value, changed on, and changed by data.

Change History Table

By default, the change records will display in chronological order. Users can click on the column headers, “field name”, “changed on”, and “changed by” to sort in ascending or descending order. One click will sort the results in ascending order (up arrow); a second click will sort the results in descending order (down arrow); a third click will remove the sort and the results will be displayed in the default order.

The change log will include records of the following events: changes to a study status, study metadata, and any data files updates (adding, deleting, updating, file status changes),

A search bar is available at the top of the page to allow users to identify a specific change record.

Additionally, the user can export the change log in the form of an excel file to review offline or do additional analysis. The file automatically downloads when you click the export button. Please note that the export has a limit of 1000 rows. Change History Search Bar

1.2. Cross Study Change History

By default, the information displayed in the cross-study change history log will be filtered to fit the needs of each user.

The DCC User will be able to view only the studies associated with their DCC Program.

The Data Hub Data Administrator will be able to view studies that have been submitted by DCC users across all programs.

Researchers will be able to view only their favorited studies and files in the cross-study change history. Only notable changes that have happened after a study has been approved will be captured in the change history.

To view change records for all studies, select the Change History button from the navigation.

Cross Study Change Log

On the cross-study change history page, a list of study names will appear. Users can click on the study name to expand the change history details. The sorting, searching and exporting features will be the same as the study history. Please note that the export has a limit of 1000 rows.

Cross Study Change Log