5. Requesting Access to Studies

Once you log in to the COVID RADx Data Hub application, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to view all the studies in the Data Hub.

Note: If a researcher does not have access to a study they will only be able to view the study metadata and not its data files. Unauthorized study Unauthorized study

5.1. Access Filter

The Access Filter, which is available on the Search Studies page as well as the Search Files page, is a useful tool for Researchers to easily filter for studies or data files that they have or do not have authorized access to.

Select “Unauthorized Access” to view the list of studies or files the Researcher does not have access to.

5.2. Requesting for Study Access

Select the study name that you are requesting for authorized access.

Select Study For Access

The Study Overview tab will display where the Researcher can review the study metadata. If the researcher does not have access to the study, there will be a link on the Overview page for Researchers to request study access.

Overview Page Request for Access

Click the “Data Files” tab. The Researcher should not be able to see the data files associated with the study. The Researcher will be prompted to request access in dbGaP

Select the “Request for Access in dbGaP” button.

The user will navigate to the corresponding study within dbGaP, where they follow the prompts to request access. Once access is granted, the Researcher will be notified by email. Note that if the Researcher is granted access to a specific study file, they will also have access to all the Data and Metadata files attached to the study.

Request for Access in NIH

Request for Access in NIH