The NIH Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics RADx Data Hub (RADx® Data Hub) is a cloud-enabled data repository that provides access to curated and de-identified COVID-19 research data. It supports scientific efforts to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing researchers to find, aggregate, and perform analyses of data from the RADx Initiative.

The NIH RADx Data Hub allows researchers to continue learning from COVID-19 data collected across the RADx Initiative by:

  • Providing a secure workspace to combine approved data and analytic tools
  • Enabling collaboration on the same data versions
  • Ensuring the ability to share results of analyses and cite relevant data for collaborators and the external community
  • Creating a framework for generating artificial intelligence (AI)-ready datasets in support of RADx COVID-19 AI machine learning algorithm research

Through the RADx Data Hub Program, the NIH hopes to improve scientific and technological responses to the pandemic, ideally allowing society to rapidly and safely return to normal.