RADx Data Hub opens doors to all researchers

Published on Saturday, December 17, 2022

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Data Hub (RADx® Data Hub) announces today that its cloud-enabled platform is now open to researchers. The RADx Data Hub represents one of the largest collections of NIH COVID data available to researchers that allows researchers to explore, access, and analyze COVID-related data developed through NIH RADx program initiatives.

The RADx Data Hub offers the opportunity for unprecedented access to COVID-19 data for researchers to conduct secondary data analyses, forge new collaborations, and build a community to accelerate scientific research and innovations.

The RADx Data Hub provides access to RADx data from studies in progress and from complete RADx studies. Unique to this program, RADx projects have common harmonized demographic and COVID-related data to facilitate robust, cross-study analyses of data from different projects. Researchers can use data in the RADx Data Hub to conduct secondary analyses and address issues related to the difficulties with the detection and prevention of community spread for COVID-19 and potential future pandemics.

The RADx Data Hub will allow researchers to search over 120 RADx studies, use the dbGaP data request system to access those studies, and analyze their data by download or in the cloud. The RADx Data Hub will also be adding studies and expanding features to support additional data analysis capabilities in the cloud.

All are welcome to tour the RADx Data Hub in January.

Interested in accessing the RADx Data Hub and the community? Follow the steps below:

1. Join the Community to stay in touch and learn about launch events in January.

2. Start using the RADx Data Hub:

  • a. Have both an eRA Commons ID with Prinicipal Investigator/Program Director status for data access AND a Google Identity to use cloud-based workspaces and Jupyter notebooks for analysis. Note that your Google identity must use the same email as the email associated with your eRA Commons ID. Researchers can create a Google Identity associated with their eRA Commons email using the Google Account signup page.

  • b. Log in to the RADx Data Hub. To request access to data, you must log in with your eRA Commons ID with PI/PD status. To browse the data, you may log in with a login.gov account associated with any email address.

  • c. Explore and analyze over 120 studies. Reach out to the RADx Data Hub team with any questions along the way.